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Over the last 25 years I've led, or collaborated on, a range of biological and environmental research and monitoring programs. My background has focussed on shark and fish biology and behaviour, and tropical coral reef ecology. However, I have led or contributed to research and monitoring across a wide range of marine ecological values. My research has changed state legislation and operational procedures on multiple occasions, and I regularly advise national and international government and research bodies on marine science and managment strategies. I direct and manage the Marine Science Program component of Kimberley Marine Parks monitoring.


• Long-term monitoring of marine benthos including corals, invertebrates, mangroves

• Environmental risk assessments

• Censusing, tagging, biopysing, and tracking marine and terrestrial vertebrates

• Growth, demography, ecology and management of sharks and fishes

• Genetics of large marine animals populations

• Reducing human environmental interactions and impacts


Long-term monitoring of Kimberley Marine Park ecological values.

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Additional Publications (30)
“In press” and draft publications, or those published while employed elsewhere.


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