Over the years research staff employed by the Government of Western Australia have produced many papers on the Western Australian flora and fauna.

Research dating back to 1896 is available and represents the first database of the research conducted on Western Australia's flora, fauna and forest since the establishment of Government in the 1890s.

Research by the following departments and agencies is available:

  • Forests Department (1896–1984)
  • Departments of Fisheries, Fisheries & Fauna and Fisheries & Wildlife (1898-1984)
  • State Gardens Board (1920–1956)
  • National Parks Board & Authority (1956–1984)
  • Government Botanist & forest entomologists of the Department of Agriculture (1897-1928)
  • State & Western Australian Herbarium (Department of Agriculture, 1921–1988)
  • Department of Conservation and Land Management (now Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions) Research Division (RD), Science and Information Division (SID), CALMScience Division (CSD), Science Division (SD), Science and Conservation Division (SCD) and Biodiversity and Conservation Science (BCS; 1985–present)

What is included? What is excluded?

Journal articles, books, unpublished reports, abstracts, 16 mm films, videos, slides, CDs and ephemeral items such as posters, pamphlets and wall charts have all been included.

As this bibliography is on Western Australian flora and fauna by staff of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and its predecessors, papers and reports on topics such as general departmental management, sheep, wheat, commercial marine fisheries, trout, etc. have been excluded. Also excluded are papers by staff of other Government departments and authorities such as the Western Australian Museum.

For more information

Most of the titles in this database can be found within the catalogue of the DBCA Library.