Found 91 staff members.

John Angus Woodvale Research

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+61 8 9405 5108

1080 bait baiting camera trap Felis catus feral cat introduced predator motion sensor photography sodium monofluoroacetate

Rachel M Binks Conservation Science Centre

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+61 8 9219 9076

evolutionary biology flora conservation gene flow marine connectivity phylogeography population genetics

Neal E Birch Woodvale Research

Email Neal

+61 8 9405 5140

Mark Blythman Woodvale Research

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+61 8 8940 55181

ABBBS Bird trapping techniques Corellas Parrots Pest birds Threatened birds Translocations

Allan H Burbidge Woodvale Research

Email Allan

+61 8 9405 5109

biogeography bird distribution bird ecology birds birds and fire bristlebirds parrots Pilbara birds threatened birds

Ryonen Butcher Western Australian Herbarium

Email Ryonen

+61 8 9219 9136

Atlas of Living Australia Banded ironstone ranges Elaeocarpaceae Fabaceae Mirbelieae molecular systematics Nuytsia journal Proteaceae Sphaerolobium Synaphea Taxonomy Tephrosia Tetratheca Western Australian Herbarium

Margaret Byrne Conservation Science Centre

Email Margaret

+61 8 9219 9078

climate adaptation conservation genetics evolutionary patterns gene flow molecular markers phylogenetics phylogeography plant genetics refugia

David Cale Conservation Science Centre

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+61 8 9405 5181

Aquatic ecology aquatic invertebrates wetland fauna wetland monitoring

Fiona Carpenter Woodvale Research

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+61 8 9405 5123

Alan Clarke Busselton Research

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+61 8 9405 5141

Banded Stilt directory of important wetlands in Australia salinity wetland monitoring

Skye C. Coffey Western Australian Herbarium

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+61 8 9219 8000

Curation: vascular and cryptogam collection DNA Sampling Droseraceae Herbarium Pest Management Loans & Accessions Reference Herbarium Specimen scanning

Margaret T. Collins Conservation Science Centre

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+61 8 9219 9047

Banksia Woodlands Jarrah Forest Mycorrhiza Orchids Restoration Rhizobium

Rebecca Coppen Conservation Science Centre

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+61 8 9219 8000

flora monitoring Ogyris subterrestris petrina survey Synemon gratiosa

Jeff Cosgrove Kensington Research

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+61 8 1958

Mark A Cowan Conservation Science Centre

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+61 8 9219 9093

Andrew Crawford Western Australian Herbarium

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+61 8 9219 9063

dormancy ex-situ gene banking germination germplasm seed collection seed conservation seed ecology seed storage

Rob Davis Western Australian Herbarium

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+61 8 9219 9124

curation genus Ptilotus plant identification taxonomy

Rebecca Dillon Albany Research

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+61 8 9842 4538

Steven Dillon Conservation Science Centre

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+61 8 9219 9125

Banded Ironstone Formations BIF curation flora surveys Pilbara flora plant identification taxonomy

Corrine R Douglas Kensington Research

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+61 8 9219 9751

Ryan Douglas Kensington Research

Email Ryan

+61 8 9219 8764

Martin A Dziminski Woodvale Research

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+61 8 9405 5100

Richard D Evans Kensington Research

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+61 8 9219 9098

Coral reef ecology dredging Marine ecology Marine Population Connectivity Reef fish ecology

Richard Fairman Kimberley Research

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+61 8 9168 4200

Janet Farr Manjimup Research

Email Janet

+61 8 9771 7996

arboreal insect defoliation bullseye borer forest health forest insects gumleaf skeletonizer lerps Phoracantha acanthocera psyllids rural tree decline tree canopy insects Uraba lugens

Sabrina Fossette-Halot Kensington Research

Email Sabrina

+61 8 9219 8000

ecophysiology marine science marine turtles monitoring movement ecology tracking

Tony Friend Albany Research

Email Tony

+61 8 9842 4523

dibbler ecology fungal diet Gilbert's potoroo marsupials numbat population dynamics radio-tracking reintroduction telemetry terrestrial amphipods translocation western barred bandicoot

Lesley Gibson Conservation Science Centre

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+61 8 9405 5152

Biogeography biological survey dietary studies eco-physiology Geographic Information Systems habitat suitability modelling landscape ecology mammal ecology species distributional modelling

Carl Gosper Kensington Research

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+61 8 9219 9041

fire ecology fire regime fragmentation Great Western Woodlands invasive plants plant functional type vegetation dynamics vegetation structure wheatbelt

Neil Hamilton Woodvale Research

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+61 8 9405 5124

Feral cat research- Christmas Island, Dirk Hartog Island and South West of W.A. Night parrot research Australia wide. Threaten bird research and translocations.

Stephanie Hill Albany Research

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+61 8 9842 4547

captive breeding fauna monitoring Gilbert's Potoroos hair arching and hair analyses radio-tracking western barred bandicoots wildlife rehabilitation

Michael Hislop Western Australian Herbarium

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+61 8 9219 9126

Curation Plant identification Taxonomy: mostly epacrids

Tom Holmes Kensington Research

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+61 8 9219 9769

conservation biology coral reef ecology fish ecology recruitment processes

John Huisman Western Australian Herbarium

Email John

+61 8 9219 9137

algae Chlorophyta interactive keys marine flora Phaeophyceae phycology Rhodophyta seaweed systematics taxonomy

Shelley A. James Western Australian Herbarium

Email Shelley

+61 8 9219 9130

biodiversity data collections management digitization Melanesian flora nomenclature taxonomy

Alan Kendrick Kensington Research

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+61 8 9219 9793

ecological monitoring ecology and biology of temperate fishes ecology of temperate inter-tidal reefs, mangroves and seagrasses marine protected area management

Joe Kinal Dwellingup Research

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+61 8 9538 0028

data loggers dieback groundwater hydrology jarrah silviculture salinity soil temperature

Andrew T Knight Conservation Science Centre

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+61 8 9219 9935

adaptive action, evaluation, human behaviour, people, psychology, social science, systems thinking

Margaret Langley Conservation Science Centre

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+61 8 9219 9046

Botanical survey Flora Collection Books - MAX

Loretta Lewis Kensington Research

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+61 8 9219 8000

Graeme J Liddelow Manjimup Research

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+61 8 9771 7981

amphibians arid zone ecology birds fire ecology fire management FORESTCHECK habitat management introduced predators Landscope Expeditions mammals monitoring owls quokkas reptiles

Tanya Llorens Conservation Science Centre

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+61 8 9219 9521

Impact of habitat fragmentation on plant populations pollination and mating systems of native plants population and conservation genetics of plants

Cheryl A Lohr Woodvale Research

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+61 8 9405 5150

Mike Lyons Conservation Science Centre

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+61 8 9219 9045

biogeography botanical survey conservation status of plant species and communities salinity salt lakes soil surveys and analysis wetland monitoring wetland plants

Bronwyn Macdonald Conservation Science Centre

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+61 8 9219 9087

DNA extractions molecular markers plant molelcular genetics

Terry Macfarlane Western Australian Herbarium

Email Terry

+61 8 9219 9134

Adrienne Markey Kensington Research

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+61 8 9219 9023

Anthospermeae (Rubiaceae) biogeography Coprosma flora and vegetation community survey ironstone floras phylogenetics pollination and dispersal syndromes systematics taxonomy

Florian W Mayer Kensington Research

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+61 8 4142 39161

business analysis CKAN corporate applications data management desktop publishing Latex live workbooks marine science information management multivariate statistics programming Python R reproducible research scientific programming scripting spatial statistics workflow automation

Shelley McArthur Conservation Science Centre

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+61 8 9219 9088

Fauna DNA extractions Flora DNA extractions

Lachie McCaw Manjimup Research

Email Lachie

+61 8 9771 7998

bushfires eucalypt woodlands fire behaviour fire ecology forest management landscape ecology monitoring silviculture smoke

Gavan S McGrath Kensington Research

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+61 8 9219 8000

Melissa A Millar Conservation Science Centre

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+61 8 9219 9083

agroforestry biotechnology cell culture evolutionary genetics genetic diversity molecular genetics molecular markers native flora conservation population genetics tissue culture

Leonie Monks Conservation Science Centre

Email Leonie

+61 8 9219 9094

management of threatened flora translocation

Mike Onus Woodvale Research

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+61 8 9405 5155

Kym M Ottewell Conservation Science Centre

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+61 8 9219 9086

conservation genetics conservation genomics DNA barcoding gene flow landscape genetics mammals mating systems phylogeography wildlife genetics

Russell Palmer Woodvale Research

Email Russell

+61 8 9405 5128

Cheryl Parker Western Australian Herbarium

Email Cheryl

+61 8 9219 9140

FloraBase State Collection of plants and fungi WA plant census

David Pearson Woodvale Research

Email David

+61 8 9405 5112

community ecology of hummock grassland vertebrates dasyurid ecology ethno-zoology python ecology threatened reptiles

Julia Percy-Bower Western Australian Herbarium

Email Julia

+61 8 9219 9144

Curation Databasing WA plant census

Adrian M Pinder Conservation Science Centre

Email Adrian

+61 8 4006 29658

aquatic earthworms aquatic invertebrate biodiversity aquatic invertebrate taxonomy aquatic oligochaetes biogeography salinity species distributions waterbirds wetland conservation wetland ecology wetland fauna

Kirsty Quinlan Conservation Science Centre

Email Kirsty

+61 8 9219 9445

aquatic invertebrate biodiversity aquatic invertebrate taxonomy biogeography wetland conservation

Ian Radford Kimberley Research

Email Ian

+61 8 9168 4200

biological control fire response impact assessment invasive plants mycorrhizal facilitation plant community assembly plant functional types plant nutrition requirements plant taxonomy restoration ecology trophic interactions

Holly Raudino Kensington Research

Email Holly

+61 8 9725 3177

behavioural ecology cetacean marine fauna Marine mammal pinniped population biology stranding

Kelly Rayner Woodvale Research

Email Kelly

+61 8 9406 5170

Rosemarie Rees Western Australian Herbarium

Email Rosemarie

+61 8 9219 9151

collections management curation fungi collections herbarium specimens name currency Robert Brown collections spirit collections vascular plant collections

Ben Richardson Conservation Science Centre

Email Ben

+61 8 9219 9068

William D Robbins Kensington Research

Email William

+61 8 9219 8000

Coral reef ecology Demography Fish and shark ecology Intertidal biology Marine ecology Marine monitoring

Jasmine Rutherford Kensington Research

Email Jasmine

+61 8 9219 9505

Acid sulphate soils Geochemistry Geology Groundwater Hydrogeophysics Mineralogy

Barbara B.L. Rye Western Australian Herbarium

Email Barbara

+61 8 9219 9135

flora writing Taxonomy of Myrtaceae taxonomy of other families

Natasha Samuelraj Kensington Research

Email Natasha

+61 8 9219 8761

Kelly A. Shepherd Western Australian Herbarium

Email Kelly

+61 8 9219 9129

anatomy Chenopodiaceae cytology DNA molecular phylogeny morphology Salicornioideae Samphires systematics taxonomy Tecticornia

Julian S Tonti-Filippini Kensington Research

Email Julian

+61 8 9219 9067

Kerry M Trayler Kensington Research

Email Kerry

+61 8 9278 0955

Anton D. Tucker Kensington Research

Email Anton

+61 8 9219 9753

Conservation Biology Marine Science Marine Turtle Mark-Recapture Migratory Species Monitoring Satellite Telemetry Stable Isotopes

Verna Tunsell Manjimup Research

Email Verna

+61 8 9771 7986

data collation and validation Forestcheck Tony Annels Herbarium curation

Stephen J van Leeuwen Conservation Science Centre

Email Stephen

+61 8 9219 9042

arid zone ecology biological survey botanical survey fire ecology of arid zone plants and vegetation flora survey mulga woodland ecology plant species distributions rare flora reproductive autecology rare flora reproductive ecology reserve system selection and design survey methodology vegetation mapping

Kelly Waples Kensington Research

Email Kelly

+61 8 9219 9796

behavioral ecology cetaceans dugong human wildlife interaction knowledge exchange marine fauna marine mammal biology and ecology marine science pinnipeds population biology wildlife management wildlife tourism interaction

Bruce G Ward Manjimup Research

Email Bruce

+61 8 9771 7987

abundance arid zone ecology baiting camels control feral cats fire behaviour fire ecology fire management foxes introduced plants introduced predators monitoring predation surveys

Colin Ward Manjimup Research

Email Colin

+61 8 9771 7994

Adrian Wayne Manjimup Research

Email Adrian

+61 8 9771 7992

Impacts of logging and fire introduced predators Koomal (common brushtail possum) Ngwayir (western ringtail possum) vertebrate fauna of the south-west forests Woylie (brush-tailed bettong)

Juliet Wege Western Australian Herbarium

Email Juliet

+61 8 9219 9145

eFlora of Australia flora conservation Nuytsia journal rare and threatened plants strategic taxonomy Stylidiaceae Stylidium Western Australian Herbarium

Scott Whiting Kensington Research

Email Scott

+61 8 9219 9752

Carolyn Wilkins Western Australian Herbarium

Email Carolyn

+61 8 9219 9146

conservation ecology Lasiopetalae tribe Malvaceae s.l. phylogenetic analysis systematics taxonomy

Andrew A.E. Williams Woodvale Research

Email Andrew

+61 8 9405 5117

Biological Survey Butterflies Curation Lepidoptera collections Endangered Lepidoptera Marine Turtles Mesopredator Release Nature Reserve Management Pythons Radio Tracking (Pythons and Mammals) Sun-moths Taxidermy

Matthew Williams Conservation Science Centre

Email Matthew

+61 8 9219 9040

butterflies butterfly conservation sun moth

Allan Wills Manjimup Research

Email Allan

+61 8 4389 96352

eucalyptus canopy decline eucalyptus crown decline fire effects on invertebrates forest invertebrates invertebrate biodiversity silvicultural effects on invertebrates terrestrial earthworms tree pest insects

Shaun Wilson Kensington Research

Email Shaun

+61 8 9219 9806

coral reef ecology coral reef fish environmental effects of fishing habitat disturbances herbivory trophodynamics

Yvonne C Winchcombe Busselton Research

Email Yvonne

+61 8 9752 5532

South West Wetlands Database (SWWMP) wetland monitoring

Elisa Wood-Ward Western Australian Herbarium

Email Elisa

+61 8 9219 9141

Lisa J Wright Kensington Research

Email Lisa

+61 8 9219 9091


Colin Yates Conservation Science Centre

Email Colin

+61 8 9219 9079

demography fire ecology granite outcrops habitat fragmentation pollination biology population biology population dynamics rarity threatened species vegetation dynamics